Jagaban Cup: Engaging and empowering the youth  through football

Jagaban Cup: Engaging and empowering the youth  through football

Football has consistently served as a powerful vehicle for societal change thanks to the recognition and embracement of shared experiences which build character, teamwork, perseverance, and community.  

The game provides opportunities to confront adversity with confidence.

Football is a great unifier in times of war and peace, it has broken several social barriers.

The round leather game can teach us the importance of effective communication and sound judgment.

Jagaban Cup is a youth engagement empowerment through football, it is for the youths to show case their talents and get employment with football clubs in Nigeria and abroad. 

The competition has seen people from the different parts of Nigeria show the resilient part to be successful. The Nigerian spirit is something that makes us strong.

Football is about joy for the winner and momentary despair for the loser.

Asiwaju’s life has gone full circle with too many despairs and some joys. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu loves football, he lives his life for the youths, he is our father, as good sons and citizens of Nigeria we would always make our father happy. 

Jagaban Cup is not a celebration in any form, it is total Youth Empowerment, the previous Jagaban Cup gave young boys football employment contracts in Czech Republic, Switzerland, Spain and various clubs in Nigeria. More than Five Thousand individuals will watch the final on Friday March 29th at the Mobolaji Johnson Arena.