Why Fouad Oki was impeached as LSFA Chairman by the Congress

Why Fouad Oki was impeached as LSFA Chairman by the Congress

By Olusola Adebayo

Contrary to insinuations in some quarter that the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Lagos State Football Association acted arbitrarily in the impeachment of the former chairman of the association, Mr Fouad Oki, documents obtained by our correspondent have shown the real reasons the politician cum football administrator was sacked by the Congress on Saturday.

Early on Saturday, the Executive Committee of the LSFA met for an emergency meeting, and a resolution was passed by10 out of 12 members of the Executive Committee to suspend Chairman Oki before the Congress.

Later on, that same Saturday, Oki was reportedly impeached and banned for life during an Extraordinary General Assembly of the LSFA where 12 out of 14 statutory members of the Assembly voted in favour of his impeachment.

However, a look at the Statutes of the LSFA shows that Found Oki might have grossly violated some of the statutes that prompted his sack. For record purposes, the below findings are the sins of the former chairman that escalated the leadership crisis in the Lagos FA and led to the impeachment of the chairman. 


(Neutrality & Non-Discrimination). The chairman, Mr. Fouad Oki has violated this section by discriminating against certain clubs affiliated to the FA. He prefers some clubs to others which is against this article. His action is punishable by suspension and expulsion.

ARTICLE 3 (Promoting Friendly Relations).

The Chairman Mr Fouad Oki does not promote friendly relations just as in Article 2, he does not promote friendly relations among members, clubs, officials, etc. For example, meeting the Director General Lagos State Sports Commission with only 5 board members without the knowledge of other board members.


To adopt a statutory clause specifying that any dispute requiring arbitration involving itself or one of its members and relating to the Statutes, regulations, directives and decisions of FIFA, CAF, WAFU, NFF OR LAFA shall be determined by the JUDICIAL BODIES within this Statute without recourse whatsoever to ordinary courts. The Chairman Mr. Fouad Oki has violated this Article by taking the Congress Members to Lagos High Court on the 8Th of March 2024 with suit No. LD/10997GCMW/2024.



(This highlights the suspension or Dismissal of a member, person or body). The Chairman Mr. Fouad Oki violated this article when he single-handedly suspended The BDFA Chairman. 


It shall comply with and enforce compliance with the NFF Statutes, regulations, and decisions and cooperate with the NFF in all matters. The chairman Mr. Fouad Oki has violated this section by going against NPFL/LMC over the installation of a camera at Mobolaji Johnson Arena for the 2023/2024 Coverage of matches. In addition, refusing the LSFA slot of attending the NFF Congress without recourse to the Board or Congress Members.

Sub Section K- states that it shall maintain good relations and cooperation with the NFF, other members and clubs affiliated with the NFF. The Chairman Mr. Fouad Oki also violated this section by discriminating among affiliates of LSFA vis a vis NFF (Sporting Lagos etc).


SUBSECTION 1 states that the Congress/General Assembly is the supreme and legislative body of Football in the State.

ARTICLE 25 SUB SECTION 4 states that the Congress may appoint observers who take part in the Congress without the right to vote.

ARTICLE 28 SUBSECTION 1-3 states that a Quorum of the State General Assembly states that decisions passed by the General Assembly shall only be valid if the absolute majority (50% + 1) of the members who are entitled to vote are present.

ARTICLE 29 - Decisions of General Assembly States that a simple majority of the members entitled to vote is sufficient for a vote to be valid. A decision that requires a vote shall be reached by a show of hands or using balloting.

ARTICLE 33- STATE EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL ASSEMBLY SUBSECTION 1-5 has to do with the powers of Congress to convene if the State Executive Committee does not.

ARTICLE 34 SUBSECTION 1-6 AMENDMENTS OF THE STATUTES, The Chairman Mr. Fouad Oki did not adhere to this article. He singlehandedly wrote a Statute and forwarded it to NFF without recourse to Congress.