Wimbledon 2024: Relaxed as the tournament begins on Monday Coco Gauff says she detests 'angry gamblers'

Wimbledon 2024: Relaxed as the tournament begins on Monday Coco Gauff says she detests 'angry gamblers'

Tennis star Coco Gauff says she loves her fans and meeting them in person but also adds that one thing she can't stand are "angry gamblers" and she never thinks twice about what to do when they start insulting her.

Gauff, the current world No. 2 and one of the most popular players among kids, is pretty much a fan favorite wherever she goes as the 20-year-old American has the game but also a personality that draws positive attention.

And ahead of her fifth Wimbledon appearance - where the 2023 US Open champion will undoubtedly receive strong support - she was asked to reveal something she loves and hates about being a tennis pro.

"There are many things I love, but surely the best thing about being a tennis player is the connection with people. Last week I met a boy who is my fan. He started to get excited when he met me," Gauff said.

"It's those things and those interactions that make you, seeing that what you do on the court matters, no matter if you're having an amazing time and winning everything or if you're having a hard time and losing. Those interactions with people are so satisfying that they make it all worth it."

After naming the side she likes, Gauff proceeded to name social media abuse as something she is not a fan of. But Gauff has her way of dealing with that as she simply blocks instantly anyone who sends negative and malicious comments her way.

"I don't like it? Maybe the angry gamblers on social media are a bit annoying, I love the block button. There's been talk that I use it a lot on Twitter, but I just say: 'Bye' (laughs)."

After becoming a Grand Slam champion at the 2023 US Open and also making back-to-back Slam semifinals at this year's Australian Open and French Open, Gauff enters this year's Wimbledon among the top favorites for the title.

Even though Gauff's career kickstarted at 2019 Wimbledon when she upset Venus Williams, it remains the Slam where the 20-year-old has had the least success so far. At The Championships, the American has twice made the round of 16 while in all other Slams, she has made the semifinal at least once.

"I am very relaxed going into Wimbledon, last year I didn't have a good tournament here, so I feel that things can't get worse, they can only get better or stay the same (laughter)," Gauff said.

When Gauff got bounced in her opening Wimbledon opening match last year, she looked crushed and it was looking like she was losing a step with the rest of the top players. But then, the 20-year-old American hired coach Brad Gilbert and instantly turned around her situation as she first became a WTA 1000 champion in Cincinnati before also achieving her Slam dream at Flushing Meadows.

"I've grown a lot. I'm glad I used that moment to improve, and I still know that I'm not even halfway to where I can go. That experience taught me that bad times don't last forever. It was the best part of any season I've ever had. It teaches you that bad times don't last forever."