WAFU B U-20 Girls Cup: Nigeria crush Togo, Burkina Faso run riot against Niger

Nigeria's victory was comprehensive and unassailable

WAFU B U-20 Girls Cup: Nigeria crush Togo, Burkina Faso run riot against Niger

In a display of sheer dominance, Burkina Faso delivered a masterclass performance against Niger in the WAFU B U-20 Girls Cup of Nations, securing a resounding 8-0 victory at the Baba Yara Stadium.

Following their triumph over Togo in the opening match, Burkina Faso aimed to continue their winning streak and assert their superiority on the field. Meanwhile, Niger, reeling from a devastating 7-0 loss to Nigeria, sought to salvage some pride and revive their campaign.

The early stages of the match saw a balanced battle, with both teams sizing each other up and proceeding cautiously.

However, in the 21st minute, Burkina Faso's Naomie Adèle Kabre broke the deadlock with a powerful strike that left the Nigerien goalkeeper helpless.

The goal provided a boost of confidence for Burkina Faso, who began to assert their authority over the game.

Déborah Guira extended Burkina Faso's lead in the 30th minute, further cementing their dominance. The Burkinabè ladies showcased their prowess and skill, overwhelming the Niger team in all aspects of the game. Kabre struck again in the 34th minute, securing her second goal and ensuring Burkina Faso headed into halftime with a comfortable 3-0 advantage over Niger.

The second half witnessed a lively atmosphere as the spectators, captivated by the captivating display of the young ladies, injected energy into the stadium. This motivation fueled Burkina Faso's relentless pursuit of goals. Salamata Kouanda found the back of the net in the 47th minute, adding a fourth goal to Burkina Faso's tally.

Despite Niger's determination and desire to reduce the deficit, fatigue began to take its toll. Burkina Faso continued to control the game, stifling Niger's attempts to execute their game plan. In the 75th minute, Ange Nayaga scored Burkina Faso's fifth goal, further demoralizing Niger.

Niger, now facing an insurmountable challenge, capitulated, allowing Burkina Faso to run riot. Kabre completed her hat-trick in the 83rd minute, notching the sixth goal for Burkina Faso. The floodgates opened, reminiscent of their match against Nigeria, as Florentine Djiguemdé added a seventh goal to the tally.

In the dying moments of the game, Adeline Kaboré joined the party, netting Burkina Faso's eighth and final goal in the 87th minute. The emphatic 8-0 victory solidified Burkina Faso's place in the semifinals, showcasing their remarkable form in the tournament. On the other hand, Niger, with two consecutive defeats, faced elimination and will play a consolation match against Togo.

Nigeria 6-0 against Togo at WAFU B women u20

Burkina Faso's commanding performance sends a strong message to their rivals in the tournament, highlighting their potential as title contenders.

Meanwhile, Nigeria continued their relentless pursuit of success at the tournament with a scintillating 6-0 triumph over Togo in their second Group B encounter at the iconic Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi.

Right from the opening whistle, Nigeria showcased their attacking prowess and wasted no time in asserting their dominance.

Amina Bello set the tone for the match, scoring two quickfire goals in the 11th and 57th minutes, respectively. Her clinical finishing left the Togolese defense in disarray and put Nigeria firmly in control.

Not to be outdone, Flourish Sabastine joined the party with her own brace, finding the back of the net in the 12th and 76th minutes. Sabastine's well-taken goals exemplified Nigeria's attacking potency and further demoralized the Togolese side.

Esther Chinemerem added to Togo's misery in the 19th minute with a beautifully crafted goal, showcasing Nigeria's creativity and fluidity in their attacking play. Chinemerem's strike left the Togolese goalkeeper rooted to the spot, helpless to prevent the Nigerian onslaught.

As the match progressed, Nigeria's dominance continued unabated. In the 59th minute, Esther Opeyemi Ajakaye got in on the act, ensuring that Nigeria's victory was comprehensive and unassailable. Ajakaye's goal further underscored the Nigerian team's depth and versatility in the final third.