Raphinha replies to Mbappe on the Euro and Copa debate says Ronaldinho already asked Vini for tickets

Raphinha replies to Mbappe on the Euro and Copa debate says Ronaldinho already asked Vini for tickets

FC Barcelona star Raphinha fired back at claims made by Ronaldinho and Kylian Mbappe during a press conference conducted while on international duty with Brazil.

Barca legend Ronaldinho, who Raphinha knows well as a family friend growing up in Porto Alegre, announced on Instagram that he is abandoning the Selecao and won't watch its matches in the upcoming Copa America.

"That's it guys, it's over for me," Ronaldinho wrote in the caption to a short clip that had him saying similar things to Cartoloucos. "This is a sad moment for those who love Brazilian football. It's difficult to find the energy to watch the games."

"This is perhaps one of the worst teams in recent years, it has no respectable leaders, just average players for the most part," he added, before tearing into a side that Raphinha will star in this summer.

Asked about the remarks hours later, Raphinha said they were "a surprise not only for me but for the whole group".

"I think you must know more than I do, he never made such a statement [to us]. On the contrary, he always showed his support for the team. I consider him an idol, a reference. Everyone on the team, not just the players, but everyone who works here, sees him as a reference. It has been a hard blow for us.

"We do not agree. It's my third year and I see dedication, desire, [and] pride in wearing the shirt. I do not agree with what was said, I disagree, each one has quality, merit."

Raphinha also potentially put an egg on Ronaldinho's face by revealing that Vinicius Jr. told him the 2002 World Cup winner had asked for tickets to see the national team.

As for Mbappe, who will soon be his regular rival in El Clasico playing for Real Madrid, and said that the European Championship is more difficult than the World Cup, Raphinha addressed this too.

"Unfortunately for him and happily for us, he lost a World Cup against a South American team," Raphinha said, in a nod to France coming out of the Qatar 2022 final second best to Lionel Messi's Argentina.

As Brazil tries to snatch back the continental crown it lost to Messi's men in 2021, it will kick off its Copa America campaign against Costa Rica on June 24.