NLO slams Kurfi Tiger 6pts deduction for players' license fraud

Kurfi Tiger officials tampered with the licenses of 10 players which warrants a loss of all of the points accrued so far in the season

NLO slams Kurfi Tiger 6pts deduction for players' license fraud
The Nationwide League One (NLO) has slammed Kurfi Tiger with a Six (6) points deduction for perpetrating a fraud on players' licenses.
Investigations revealed that officials of the club tampered with the licenses of 10 players thereby warranting the wrath of the nation's third-tier domestic league Secretariat.
A statement released by its Media Department regarding the fraudulent act by Kurfi Tiger management read: "Kurfi Tiger FC have lost 6 points due to criminal activity, as they doctored official players license and it was discovered by their opponents.
"Our investigation showed that Kurfi Tiger had committed the crime in the Group G1A MatchDay 6 game away to Jedi Academy and MatchDay 7 home game against Kanta Warriors."
According to article 3.01(7) of the NLO rules book: Only a Player who holds a valid player's License shall be eligible to participate in the League.
In case of transfer, the players must have fulfilled all the necessary transfer procedures and have been cleared accordingly before being eligible to play/participate in the League, any club that uses an unduly registered player shall be made to lose the match or all the matches that this player was discovered to have featured in previous games, and the point will be awarded to the opponent by 3 points and 3 goals, with further sanction from the NLO Secretariat.
By this, Kurfi Tiger has forfeited Six (6) points already got this season.