Nigeria Beach Soccer League: Excitement in Kaduna as incoming Governor Sani Uba kicks off phase 2  

As the Governor elect by the grace of God, I will continue to support this very important initiative

Nigeria Beach Soccer League: Excitement in Kaduna as incoming Governor Sani Uba kicks off phase 2  
Governor Elect of Kaduna State, Sani Uba performing the ceremonial kick off of the Kaduna leg of the Nigeria Beach Soccer League

By Olusola Adebayo

The second phase of the 2023 Nigeria Beach Soccer League (NBSL) got underway on Saturday, May 27, in Kaduna State with the incoming Governor in attendance at Murtala Muhammed Square.

The day which coincided with the Children's Day celebration saw the newly elected Governor of Kaduna State gracing the occasion with ceremonial duties and also did the ceremonial kick-off of the phase.

How it happened

Holders and host team, Kada BSC made it two wins out of four games as it edged Nmanko Patigi BSC of Kwara State 3-2 in the first game of the phase.

Momoh Sani Suleiman and Dozie Frank gave the Kaduna-based side a 2-0 lead in the first period.

Azeez Lawal reduced the deficit for Nmanko Patigi in the second period before Dozie Frank's second goal of the game restored Kada BSC's two-goal lead in the third period.

Kunle Jamiu scored Nmanko Patigi BSC's second goal to ensure that the scoreline remain respectable.

The host team holds on for its second win of the campaign.

The second game of the matchday ended 3-0 in favour of the second team from Kebbi State in the league, Kebbi United BSC after Smart City BSC failed to show up for the game.

The evening game which was another keenly contested encounter between 2021 Champions, Kebbi Fishers, and debutant, Ibom BSC ended 5-3 in favour of Kebbi BSC.

Ibom BSC almost caused a major upset after going ahead twice before Kebbi BSC muscled out a hard-fought win.

Adams Taiwo's hat-trick were enough to secure the win for the top-ranked team in Africa.

Ekene Obi and Hassan Muhammed also find the back of the net while Emem Obong Bassey, Elijah Eboh, and Sani Hassan scored for Ibom BSC.

What they said

Incoming Governor of Kaduna State, Senator Sani Uba:
"Kaduna State is the capital of Northern Nigeria and we are proud to see that we have a lot of young talented Beach soccer players. I have no doubt in my mind that we will continue to be the best in Nigeria.

"As the Governor elect by the grace of God, I will continue to support this very important initiative. Sports is a very important aspect of our life and it's something that will allow our youths to also explore and have something to do for themselves. 

"Everyone has his own God-given talents. What we need to do is to encourage and support them. They can also be an inspiration to other youths who will see what they are doing and will try to emulate that. We would do our best to support them and I can assure you that we would continue to partner with you as our team in Kaduna State."

Coach Kabiru Isah (Kada BSC):
"From the day that we played our last match in Kebbi was when we went back to the drawing board because if you watch us in Kebbi, our performance was a bit low so we came back home, talked to the boys to improve their personal and that was what we did today.

"Nmanko Patigi BSC gave us a very good fight. They are a good side based on their performance today.  It wasn't an easy match for us but we thank God we came out victorious.

"The sand contributed to our performance today but a little bit better. The sand was soft and not that hard. It wasn't the kind that when you fall on the ground you peel your leg which also contributed to our win today.

"We have talked to ourselves and are determined not to lose any single match from this phase. We are winning all the three games. We don't even want to go the extra time which is what was are strictly after now."

Coach Lawal Olalekan (Nmanko Patigi BSC):
"That's the game of football for you. You win some and lose some. The players tried their best but will adjust in the next game from our mistakes.

"Zubair Mohammed is our number one goalkeeper and a good one at that. We really missed him. If he was there at least we would have tried to achieve something. With this, we give glory to Almighty God.

"We will go back to the drawing board and correct our mistakes but we defeated our next opponents, Ibom BSC in Kebbi. We will repeat that here by the grace of God.