Messi says Real Madrid is the best club in the world, eyes 2026 FIFA World Cup

Messi says Real Madrid is the best club in the world, eyes 2026 FIFA World Cup

Football superstar Leo Messi did not hesitate to praise Real Madrid after their recent success in winning the Champions League against Borussia Dortmund at Wembley.

In an interview with Infobae, the Argentine player revealed that Los Blancos are "the best team in the world" right now.

"If you talk about results, it's Madrid. If you talk in terms of play, I personally like Guardiola's City and I think that every team where Guardiola is will be special because of the way he is, the way he coaches, and how he makes his teams play. For me, City is the best in terms of the way they play. In terms of results, Madrid," said Messi.

Leo also revealed little secrets in his day-to-day life, such as chatting with Neymar and Luis Suarez.

"We have a group the three of us. I think Neymar put 'sudaca' or something.... From Barcelona when we played together I think at one point he put it together, he put 'sudaca' and it stayed," added Messi.

Messi still hasn't ruled out appearing at the next World Cup in 2026, which will be held in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, although he also didn't hint at a possible participation.

"It depends on how I feel, how I am physically, and being realistic with myself. And to know if I'm up to the task of being able to compete and help the teammates next to me," he said.

Messi also recounted what winning the last World Cup in Qatar meant to him.

"Life goes on. I had to stay in Paris, I had to live here and keep trying to achieve things and keep winning. Now we have another challenge with the national team, to try to win another Copa America. But at the same time, being a world champion? It happened to me as if I felt fulfilled, I achieved everything", he explained.

The current Inter Miami player has no qualms in revealing that he needed psychological help during a period at Barcelona.

 "The truth is that I went when I was in Barcelona a long time ago. I had never tried it, I was very reluctant to do all that. I didn't like it. I'm a person who keeps everything inside and I eat both the good and the bad. But when I went it did me a lot of good, I liked it a lot, it has helped me a lot," said Messi.