Messi risks wrath of PSG’s Qatari bosses by becoming new face of Saudi Arabia tourism

PSG’s Qatari owners are not happy with Lionel Messi decision to become the face Saudi Arabia tourism industry

Messi risks wrath of PSG’s Qatari bosses by becoming new face of Saudi Arabia tourism
Lionel Messi
Football legend Lionel Messi has become an ambassador for Saudi Arabia tourism.
The Argentine, 34, travelled to the Red Sea after being given a few days off training by Paris Saint-Germain.
And while team-mate Kylian Mbappe enjoyed the downtime by visiting Madrid, Messi turned his hand to a different job.
The forward shared some snaps of himself enjoying the Red Sea alongside friends, sharing photos on Instagram in a paid partnership with VisitSaudi.
The VisitSaudi Instagram page also welcomed the superstar to their country - with Messi photographed receiving a traditional welcome.
A social media caption of the pic read: "From The Red Sea to historic Jeddah, the adventure of a lifetime awaits.#VisitSaudi."
It is somewhat of a surprise move for Messi to associate with Saudi Arabia given PSG are owned by Qataris.
But the owners were made aware of the affiliation before Messi's trip to Saudi Arabia.
PSG has also been used as a vessel to improve relations in recent years, with the French giants agreeing to play in the Riyadh Season Cup in January before the competition was postponed.
Saudi Arabia tourism manager Ahmed Al-Khatib said of the partnership with Messi: "Today I welcome Lionel Messi and his friends to Saudi Arabia for a special holiday. 
"This is not his first visit to the Kingdom, nor will it be the last, and I am happy to announce Messi in as a Saudi tourism ambassador."
Amnesty International Norway have criticised Messi however, releasing a statement that reads: "Travelling in Saudi Arabia is one thing, but being paid to glorify the country is another."
They also listed the human rights abuses and anti-homosexual penalties that exist in the country before asking: "Do you really want to support this, Messi?