Kamaru Usman hits back at Canelo Alvarez critics

The UFC welterweight champion has come in defense of Alvarez

Kamaru Usman hits back at Canelo Alvarez critics
Kamaru Usman

The UFC welterweight champion has been calling out super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez for a cross-code boxing match.

Many, including Alvarez, have laughed the prospect off.For one, they are calling it an obvious money grab.

Then there’s the fact that almost everyone believes Usman would have next to no chance since he is not a boxer nor does he have any professional boxing experience.But for Usman, he’s heard it all before as he brought up how he knocked out the “best boxer” in the UFC in Jorge Masvidal.

“You would think I train on how to punch people’s faces,” Usman said on The Pat McAfee Show (via MMA Fighting). “I put in work. I put in work each and every day, whether it’s boxing or kickboxing. We put in the time. With that time, I’m confident in my abilities. Listen, when I said, ‘Hey, Jorge Masvidal, you said you wanted a full camp, that you were going to be able to take me out with a full camp.’ I said, ‘Hey, this time I’m going to knock your head to the moon and I’m going to do it.

’“After I went out there and dealt with [Gilbert] Burns, I got him back and said, ‘Masvidal, you’re next. I’ll give you another shot, I’ll give you a full camp and I’m knocking your head to the moon this time.’ Everyone said, ‘Masvidal’s the best boxer in MMA.’ I sent him to the shadow realm. I think he’s still up there.”