Joshua vs Usyk rematch get date and venue

Joshua and Usyk rematch is set to ahead as planned after a new date and venue was confirmed.

Joshua vs Usyk rematch get date and venue
Anthony Joshua

Boxing manager Eddie Hearn has confirmed that Nigeria born former boxing champions Anthony Joshua‘s rematch with Oleksandr Usyk will take place in the Middle East this summer and revealed the most likely date is July 23.

Hearn revealed that they are currently scanning over proposals from a number of different countries but the Ukrainian’s team have made it clear they want it to be held in Saudi Arabia.

He added that there’s ‘a lot of money’ on the table, and an announcement will be made in the coming days following the pair’s first encounter at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in September.“I think there’s a very good chance you’ll see that fight July 23 in the Middle East,”

Hearn told iFL TV.“We have had a number of offers from around the world. We have been working through those and we’re closing in on that option.“Team Usyk have stressed that that’s the option they would prefer because obviously it’s a lot of money.“Quite frankly I think Team Usyk would rather a neutral venue and I don’t blame them for that.“So that’s where we’re at.

“Do we announce this week? Probably not. But do we announce next week? Almost certainly.“You will see that fight, you will see that fight in July and you’ll get an official announcement soon.”Asked if Saudi Arabia is the ideal destination, Hearn added: “You’ve mentioned Saudi, it’s not definitely taking place there.

“We’ve had a number of offers from the Middle East.“UK – obviously for the rematch is where AJ would prefer that fight to take place. “But it’s so far out on the numbers. The US is a more lucrative site.“But again you have to understand this fight is a financial split between Usyk and AJ.

“We can’t just go to London because it’s a home advantage for AJ when you could be talking about two or three times more money to go elsewhere.“Usyk doesn’t care if the fight’s in London. He’d prefer it probably not in the UK, but he would prefer to make the most money possible.

“AJ would like it in the UK but just wants the rematch.“He’s boxed in the Middle East before, he’s obviously had a great win out there and if that’s where it’s gonna take place, no problem.“So we’re finalising that and July you will see that rematch.”