Inactive Gumel led NOC needs to emulate the Jamaica Olympics Association which has raised $25 million for Paris Games

Inactive Gumel led NOC needs to emulate the Jamaica Olympics Association which has raised $25 million for Paris Games

Apart from administrative work and going cap in hand to beg the Ministry of Sports Development for financial assistance the Habu Gumel-led Nigeria Olympics Committee (NOC) has made zero contributions to Nigeria sports in the last two decades.

Gumel seems not bothered about providing the right kind of leadership that will make the NOC Marketing and Sponsorship sub-committee persuade Corporate Nigeria to invest cash and materials in Nigerian athletes as it’s the global norm.

Elsewhere, a modest NOC, Jamaica Olympics Association (JOA), in a country with a population that is less than three million and an economy that is not as big as that of Lagos Island, a local government in Nigeria is raising millions in cash and materials of dollars locally and internationally to support her athletes.

Whereas, the JOC has a target of 17 medals set for the Paris Olympics our NOC is relying on providence and sheer luck to win between three to five medals at the same games despite having a population of about 200 million, mostly youths who are highly talented in sports, and gargantuan economy when compared with that of Jamaica.

According to media reports, for the 12th consecutive year, Marathon Insurance Brokers (MIB) is throwing its support behind Jamaican athletes as they intensify preparation for Olympic glory, this time through cash and insurance services valued at $25 million.

According to an MIB release, the insurance brokerage is again placing full confidence in the athletes, their trainers, abilities, and Brand Jamaica by setting aside another significant purse to ensure that the team is properly financed as they prepare for the games.

Levar Smith, president, and chief executive officer of Marathon, who was speaking at the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) launch of the Paris 2024 Olympics Games campaign at the Terra Nova Hotel, St Andrew, last Thursday, said the organisation is pleased with the excellent work the JOA is doing to highlight the nation’s talented athletes.

“Our Jamaican athletes have demonstrated resounding and perpetual success despite being citizens of one of the smallest countries competing on the international track,” said Smith. “This is one of the many things that highlight our country and makes all of us proud to be Jamaican. The resounding success of Jamaican athletes is one of the many things that is right with our country.”

Sports aficionados in Nigeria blame Gumel's inability to emulate JOA on a lack of management skills especially in the areas of sponsorship, marketing, and selling the UPS of the NOC to corporate bodies.

They posit that since the exit of Raheem Adejumo after the Atlanta’ 96 Olympic Games, presidents of NOC like Adamu Dyeri, Sanni Ndanusa, and Gumel who is the longest-serving of the trio have not added any significant value to the Olympic movement in Nigeria.

They called on President Bola Tinubu and the Sports Development Minister John Enoh to ensure that leaders of Corporate Nigeria pick interest in the NOC and ensure the election of vibrant corporate leaders who will endear the Olympics Movement in Nigeria to corporate bodies and ensure funds being spent on the Olympics preparation and participation now can be channeled to sports development and corporate fund source for participation in games and championships.