Former Super Eagles captain Vincent Enyeama has not been watching Our Boys

Former Super Eagles captain Vincent Enyeama has not been watching Our Boys

Since he was forced out of the Super Eagles, former captain, and goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama has not been watching the team matches according to a report on Page 3News.

 ‘’Sincerely, I’ve not been following Nigerian football right from the day I left, and with due respect, I was really treated like shh…??? I mean I was treated like a piece of used material, so I decided to put a block between me and the National Team and that went on for long. It’s now that I’m beginning to follow the goings-on from a distance. But I really put a stop to watching Nigerian football and the National Team because I was deeply hurt. It’s now I’m really becoming gradually at ease. I think I have made personal changes to move on and change chapters and pages to slowly reconcile myself with the system. To state the fact, I can’t really say much about the National Team and the goalkeeping and all of that because I am not watching them.’’

Enyeama now a businessman said he is enjoying life in the hospitality world.

“To God be the glory. It has turned out really good. Sometimes you dive into the deep … you delve into the deep without really knowing what’s in there … what’s out there… you really don’t know. So I give God the glory at the end of it all, it came out really good. I don’t really know what to say, but it’s a great transformation from football to being in the hotel business. It’s like two different fields… but it’s been well… it’s been really well. I think I have a lot of experience from France in Estate Management. I’ve been an estate manager even while I was playing football. I have a couple of experience in managing property. I guess that was what helped me to transit easily.”

The former Eagles goalkeeper urged the next generation to be positive always,

“Without a positive mindset, you can’t achieve anything in life. That’s the truth. You can never be negative and achieve positive… positive attracts positive… negative attracts negative, so it’s just the energy you give that you will get back. To God be the glory, I’ve been on that trail and it’s really taking me through. I will encourage the young ones to stay true to themselves, believe in their future, believe in their dreams, never give up, and fight for all they’ve got … that’s been my stuff.