Fame and fortune have not changed Coco Gauff’s personality

Fame and fortune have not changed Coco Gauff’s personality

Tennis star Coco Gauff is one of the most famous tennis players in the world, but she's still the same person, according to Christopher Eubanks, who knows her well.

The American has known Gauff for a few years, as she's always been quite a prominent talent in the United States. Anybody invested in tennis knew of Gauff even before she broke out as a 15-year-old at Wimbledon.

Eubanks grew close to Gauff over the years, crediting her for his recent success in the sport. As proud as he is of his success, Eubanks is equally proud of what Gauff was able to do this year with the US Open win.

She's somebody who works hard and deserves all the success, according to the American who described her as just a great person during a recent talk on Tennis Channel.

Going and supporting her younger brothers at their sporting events, still trying to understand this new-found fame that’s magnified times ten since the US Open, Gauff remains such a great person to be around, she has never lost herself. To me, that is the thing I’m most proud of.

Success finally came this year for Gauff despite all those who bashed her for a lack of success. This year was shaping up to be quite a challenging one, but she was able to turn it around and remain the humble person that she is.

All the haters who began to doubt her and say that she would never do great things, saying that her forehand wasn’t good enough to win a Grand Slam… she heard it, she used it as motivation, and despite winning a 500, a 1000, and a Grand Slam, she’s still the same person.

It's just great to see somebody like that become the face of the sport. It sends out the right message into the world and inspires people.