Euro 2024: Keane bemoans Mbappe’s un-sportsmanly behaviour

Euro 2024: Keane bemoans Mbappe’s un-sportsmanly behaviour

Manchester United legend Roy Keane was left far from impressed by the actions of Kylian Mbappe following the France star's horror injury during Monday's Euro 2024 clash against Austria.

After helping his side take the lead, Mbappe was on the end of an unfortunate clash with the shoulder of Austria's Kevin Danso which appeared to leave his nose broken. With France understandably keen to sub him off, Mbappe walked back onto the pitch at the request of manager Didier Deschamps, though the referee had not permitted him to come back on.

As a result of his actions, Mbappe was booked while still lying on the floor holding his nose - and former United captain Keane was not pleased with the forward's decision to head back onto the pitch.

Speaking on ITV as a pundit, Keane said: "He gets an injury he's gone back on the pitch when he's trying to stop the play. He went to sit on the pitch and I don't like to see this.

"This is out of order, whether he's been instructed by the manager to go back on. He's had the treatment he's come off... to go back on and sit on the pitch, he deserved to get a yellow card and I don't like to see it." Keane's old teammate Gary Neville was also on punditry duty and added that Mbappe would "disappointed" by his decision to return to the pitch.

He said: "To be fair he'll look back and I think he'll be disappointed because he looks at Deschamps and Deschamps has gone get on and I think he'll feel like he's let himself down." In the wake of France's win, Deschamps was on hand to provide an immediate injury update on Mbappe.

“Yes, Kylian Mbappe has probably broken his nose," the France boss was quoted as telling French television network TF1.

After breaking his nose Mbappe could see the funny side of things.

“Any ideas for masks” asked the France captain, after a visit to Dusseldorf’s main hospital.

A statement from the French Football Federation promptly followed, declaring: “Kylian Mbappe returns to the base camp of the French national team. Mbappe suffered a broken nose during the second part of the Austria-France held this Monday in Düsseldorf.

"The captain of France was treated first by the medical staff and Dr. Franck Le Gall, who diagnosed him with a nose fracture.

“Mbappe will receive treatment in the next few days, but he will not undergo surgery in the immediate future A mask will be made for him so that the number 10 of the French national team can prepare for his return to the competition after a period dedicated to treatment."

Its positivity was a far cry from the forlorn figure France boss Didier Deschamps cut in his post-match press conference when asked about his star man in the bowels of the Dusseldorf Arena.

“He’s not doing well,” he admitted. “His nose got badly hit, that’s for sure. We need to check it out, but it seems quite complicated.

“Which is very unfortunate for us tonight. He didn’t get off lightly. It’s still to be seen [if he will play again].

“At this stage, I can’t answer. I don’t know.”