Coco Gauff talks about love life dreams French Open title and the Paris Olympics medal

Coco Gauff talks about love life dreams French Open title and the Paris Olympics medal

Tennis star Coco Gauff set tongues wagging when she spoke about her new boyfriend in a recent interview, with some speculation suggesting she may have been referring to a fellow tennis player.

Gauff will celebrate her 20th birthday next week and has rarely spoken about her romantic life since she became a global sporting icon.

Then she made these comments in an interview with Vogue, as she spoke about her new boyfriend.

There were rumours that Gauff may be dating her fellow American tennis protege Ben Shelton, but she banished that story with her comments in an interview with Vogue.

“He’s a very nice guy. He’s in school now. He’s about to apply for music school. He wants to be an actor and he plays the guitar,” Gauff told Vogue,

“He’s actually from Atlanta. And, um, I will say this: People on Twitter found him two or three days ago. I won’t respond and confirm if it’s him or not, but they caught me in the comments, so they know. Some people thought it was someone in tennis and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I think I felt like I just, some parts of myself I love to share and then some parts I think I just keep to myself.

“And I think that’s just the beauty of it all, that people still know me and know parts of me, but not everything. So I do feel like my life is a little bit in my hands too.”

She also opened up on her tennis ambitions in the interview as she added: “I would say the biggest things on there are to win another Slam and a medal at the Olympics.

“I want to do well or win Roland Garros because I just felt like I was so close last time (in 2022 when she lost to Iga Swiatek in the final).

“Paris is my favourite city, so I do want to try to win there. That would be special. But, if it’s not Roland Garros, I’d be very happy to win Wimbledon or the US Open.

 “That was a feeling (winning the US Open) I’ll never be able to replicate no matter how many more matches I win,” she said. “I want to win more so I can get as close to the feeling. I told my mom. I said, ‘It was an addictive feeling.’

“As soon as I felt that, I wanted to re-feel it again. … For the rest of my life, the rest of my career, I’m going to be chasing that high.

“I just feel like everything that you go through builds to something. I don’t know. Maybe my something wasn’t even that. Maybe God has bigger plans in store for me.”