Champions League: Madrid gets 118.5 million euros after winning its 15th title.

Champions League: Madrid gets 118.5 million euros after winning its 15th title.


Real Madrid clinched their 15th Champions League on Saturday with a hard-fought 2-0 victory over Borussia Dortmund at Wembley Stadium.

Not only will they have an extra piece of shiny silverware to grace their bulging trophy cabinet, they will also receive a considerable cash prize plus the chance to increase their takings, and pad out their trophy room even more by qualifying for two related competitions - next season’s UEFA Super Cup and Club World Cup.

In 2022, UEFA announced the breakdown for cash prizes in the following two editions of the Champions League which has a total purse of €2.032 billion ($1.98b). That represents around two-thirds of the €3.5 billion that has been set aside for all of the organization’s club tournaments (Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League, and the 2022 UEFA Super Cup).

Last season’s champions Manchester City pocketed a tidy €83.28 million for beating Inter Milan in Istanbul. In addition to that, Pep Guardiola’s team took home an additional €4.5 million for lifting the Super Cup in August, beating Sevilla on penalties.

After Ancelotti’s Real Madrid clinched their 15th European crown they stand to earn a total cash prize of 118.5 million euros. The calculation to arrive at that figure is not simple, but here’s how it all works...

In this season’s competition, all of the 32 teams who took part in the group stage received a starting fee of €15.64 million. Performance-based bonuses were paid for results gained in each of the six matchdays - €2.8 million for each match won and €930,000 for a draw.

So City, who won four and drew two, would have earned €13.6 million on top of their starting fee just for the group stage. Inter meanwhile, who won three, drew one, and lost two, received €9.33 million. All of the 16 teams who advance from the group stage to the first knockout round will have received €9.6 million. After that, the prize money for qualifying for each round is as follows:

2023/4 Champions League market pool

Taking part in the group stage: €15.6m ($16.8m)

Group-stage wins: €2.8m ($3m)

Group-stage draws:  €930k ($1m)

Round of 16: €9.6m ($10.3m)

Quarterfinals: €10.6m per club ($11.4m)

Semi-finals: €12.5m per club ($13.2m)

The final: €15.5m per club ($16.12m)

Winner - €20m ($21.5m)