Bob Arum reveals Fury and Usyk will earn over $100 million

Bob Arum reveals Fury and Usyk will earn over $100 million

The two heavyweight champions, Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, who have finally come to an arrangement on several occasions, have now found a way to put pen to paper.

Speaking to the media, Fury’s US promoter, Bob Arum, confirmed the fight was on.

“Tyson has to care of business on October 28th when he fights Ngannou, and then we’re off to the races for the [undisputed] heavyweight championship of the world.”

The veteran promoter – now 9191 years old said that the date for the four-belt clash would be announced pending the Brit’s fight with Francis Ngannou on October 28. He confirmed that Usyk would be in attendance.

 “Obviously the date is not gonna be announced until after October 28th, because what happens if Tyson gets busted up or hurts his hand?

But when that fight is over – Usyk I know is coming there for that fight – then an announcement will be made of the actual date. As I understand it, it’ll be held in the same arena as Fury-Ngannou.”

As for the purse, it’s no surprise Fury is set to make a quite incredible sum. When asked if it would be $100 million dollars, Arum said to

aim higher.

“If you told Tyson Fury he’s set to make $100 million, he’d really get pissed off, because he thinks – and I think he’s right – that he’s gonna make a lot more.”

All eyes now turn to Fury-Ngannou on October 28, but most boxing fans are more intrigued as to what happens after the final bell.